“Goddess or nothing...

Makes me wonder !


I weave dreams, create miracles, I am courage, I am compassion

I believe and make believe, but struggle with the feeling of not being enough.

That is being Woman… as tender as tough!


I take a deep breath, a long stroll on the grass…

Tasting the morning dew with my toes, talking to the warm earth from beneath my feet.

My thoughts wander, my vision so clear, my spirits invincible – I let go of my fear


The breeze hugs me back, applauds the brave heart in me

In a flip second, the conquest feels hollow…I Just want to fly, not break free.

I love my world, its mine. I do not wish to fit in, just ‘be me’ and still belong

Imperfect I maybe, it’s not a perfect world. My flaws make me real, they make me strong


The good and the bad, tender and strong, childish and poetic, the short and the long

 It’s a reflection of my soul, a fingerprint of grace...in my blemishes, I want to embrace

I think I’m enough, I always was. I believe, I am…

Surreal, flawed and beautiful !




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